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How Android Applications are Helpful for Retail Store

How Android Applications are Helpful for Retail Store?

With the emerging trend in technology, most people have started taking part in eCommerce transactions. They are accepting a gradually growing online market. For retail experts, applications are basically the turning point of their daily activity. Nowadays, companies wishing to enhance their visibility need to download platforms like the Google Play Store and App Store. Read More

7 Top Methods to Reduce Android App Size

7 Top Methods to Reduce Android App Size

If You’re an Android app developer who dislikes watching phones driving out of space. And you’re exhausted from developing mammoth-sized APK stores that barely get installed. Let’s admit it: big-size apps are repository hoggers and an absolute annoyance. Users cannot do without them, nor can they get relief from them. They stay in a continual Read More

Know What Is the Significance of Android Apps in Education Industry

Know What Is the Significance of Android Apps in Education Industry

The education industry has undergone a significant shift post-pandemic. Gone are the days when students were allied with currency, but today, things have changed for the betterment of young talents. Exposure to knowledge and technology skills is no longer a dream for unprivileged students. Millions of mobile applications are available at the play store where Read More

How To Upload An Android App To Google Play Store?

How To Upload An Android App To Google Play Store?

Nobody can question the ubiquity and predominance of the Google Play Store account in the domain of mobile applications and programming. The domain gets even more cemented by the Play Store insights that there are roughly 2.8 million applications on Play Store and that very nearly 3739 applications get delivered on it every day. Numbers Read More

Why Choose Android Platform to Build a Fitness App in 2022

Why Choose Android Platform to Build a Fitness App in 2022?

Since the arrival of the pandemic, health has become a top priority for individuals. Staying fit has become a trendy affair these days to become successful ahead. Concerning the same, there is a rapid surge in reaching the fitness app development company. Fitness and workout apps allow users inclined towards apps to adopt a particular Read More

Android or iOS

Which Platform Android or iOS is Profitable for Startups in 2021?

We had a handful of tech, retail, logistic, and other digital companies in the past to surge in new ventures at present. The startup industry is witnessing a dramatic rise. India has the 3rd largest startup ecosystem with an annual growth of 12% to 15%. There is a rising trend of new ventures making their Read More

Programming Language Rankings

Programming Language Rankings 2021: JavaScript, Python & Java Top the Chart

As an app developer, you may have seen up close the rising demands and shifting trends in the industry. With pandemic-era requirements making mobile apps more crucial business tools than ever. And for developers, the coding framework remains the most pivotal tool for making the desired app. And that’s where the programming language rankings come Read More

Android 12 Developer

Android 12 Developer Preview: Transcoding, UX Enhancements & More

Global mobile app usage was steadily growing even before 2020. The pandemic just turbocharged our digital habits. As years-long debates over screen time and digital dominance vanished, mobile apps emerged as the most prominent champions. And its trends like these that make the next Android version more exciting than ever. Whether you are an Android Read More

5 Android Tips to Reduce Your App’s Size & Optimize Performance

Indians spend the highest average time using a smartphone, According to a recent survey by Nokia. Short videos, social media, and OTT consume more than half of their consumption. Ecommerce and fintech are other significant areas in their digital lives. All these trends indicate that mobile apps will increasingly dominate our lives. Besides, the pandemic-induced Read More

Android Apps Using Firebase

7 Tips to Build High-Quality Android Apps Using Firebase

Worldwide app usages have reached record levels over the past year. With almost everything happening digitally, apps became the go-to tools for consumers and business leaders alike. It also propelled a rapid rise in users’ expectations across all domains. Whether it’s Android app development or iOS apps, every kind of service is seeing rapid evolution. Read More