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App Development Technology

App Development Technology Stack for Speeding Up Your Project

Businesses and consumers today can hardly imagine a world without mobile apps. Although apps started to become central to commerce long before 2020, it took a pandemic for businesses to speed up adoption. For app developers, pandemic-spurred trends brought challenges and opportunities at the same time. With demands for iOS and Android app development surging, Read More

Android Platform Architecture

How the Android Platform Architecture Works

With demands for the digital-first model surging, small and large enterprises alike are rushing to build apps. Given the unique set of benefits, mobile apps often ensure a higher ROI than other digital solutions. More so for small and medium enterprises. And in markets like India, Android stands out when it comes to enterprise apps. Read More

What Makes Android App Development Services Popular Amongst Businesses?

When talking about the popularity and quality, Android OS has taken huge leaps over the years. It has completely overtaken the smartphone market and transformed it with its innovative features and functionalities. The increased growth of Android users worldwide has led to high demand for Android apps in the business world. This growing demand has Read More

8 Best Coding Languages Every ML and Data Science Expert Should Learn

8 Best Coding Languages Every ML and Data Science Expert Should Learn

To keep pace with rapidly-changing times, as a developer you need to have an iron grip on the latest technology. Data Science and ML professionals across the globe need to be updated with the new technology, whether it is data science modeling or coding languages. While the most powerful coding languages such as Python, C, Read More

Need to Know about the Build Analyzer in Android

Everything You Need to Know About the Build Analyzer in Android

If you’ve indulged yourself in the Android app development project, you might have come across this amazing build performance checker tool, Build Analyzer. And the reason why you’re here is that you want to understand this tool completely to better optimize your app’s build performance. So, let’s begin! What is Build Analyzer? With the latest Read More

Android Studio 4.0 Native Dependencies for Mobile App Developers

Android Studio 4.0 Native Dependencies for Mobile App Developers

Android released new native dependencies for its Studio 4.0 integrated development environment (IDE). The new capabilities are supposed to help the users of the Android native development kit (NDK) smoothly manage native dependencies. If you are an Android app developer, these features will significantly change the way you deal with a wide range of dependencies. Read More

Android 11 Tools to Enhance the Privacy & Stability of Your Apps

New Android 11 Tools to Enhance the Privacy & Stability of Your Apps

The Android team has constantly introduced new features and tools to improve app development quality. Android 11 now has two new tools that give developers more transparency to data access and causes of process exits, among other things. Android has introduced Data Access Audit APIs and Process Exit Reasons to enhance your Android app development Read More

Kotlin for Android App Development

Top 5 Benefits of Using Kotlin for Android App Development

Kotlin is increasingly becoming a favorite programming language among Android developers. Despite Java’s overwhelmingly widespread popularity as the go-to platform for Android app development, Kotlin has emerged as a powerful alternative. Java remains a significant coding language for developing Android apps. Yet Kotlin is making remarkable inroads across the app development industry. Both Java and Read More

Why Enterprises Prefer Android App Development for Business Growth?

Android app development is the most desired option for launching mobile app without any hassle. Most enterprises prefer android app development due to the multiple advantages it offers. It is easy-to-use and comes with a library of code to make the development process fast. You can hire developers to outsource the development work and focus Read More