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Debunking Myths Around Android Performance

Debunking Myths Around Android Performance

With more than 3 billion monthly active users, Android is the most famous and most-selling Operating System around the globe. It is believed that the android’s play store consists of more than 3 billion applications as of August 2020. Even with such stats, Android has faced a fair share of negative publicity, all due to Read More

Flutter 1.22 Version

Flutter 1.22 Version is Out Now – UI Support for Android 11 Features

In the recent few weeks, Google has issued the stable release of Flutter 1.22 version, its open-source cross-platform UI (user interface) framework for developing applications on iOS and Android and the desktop and web. Flutter 1.22 version is the most recent update for the UI (user interface) framework that helps designers and developers build UIs Read More

Flutter for Windows Released

Flutter for Windows Released — Desktop App Compilation, Windows Plugins & More

After releasing multiple stable versions for developing high-quality Android and iOS apps, Flutter has announced support for Windows. With this new support, Flutter aims to broaden its mission of providing developers with an open-source, efficient framework for building native apps. Flutter has already become a widely used tool for top-quality Android app development across the Read More

7 Proven Tips to Speed Up Your Mobile App Development

7 Proven Tips to Speed Up Your Mobile App Development

App owners and developers are under growing pressure to make their mobile apps stand out. Big and small businesses alike are developing apps for virtually everything. And this surge has brewed an unprecedented competition for visibility in app stores. Mobile applications need to be more design-rich than ever to get the desired downloads and usage. Read More

Native vs. Cross-platform App Development

Native vs. Cross-platform App Development – What’s Best for App Owners

The native vs. cross-platform debate has evolved over the years. Yet it sharply divides app developers and owners along the lines of performance and technology involved. Mobile app development technologies for both native and cross-platform are advancing rapidly. And the demands for both categories of apps have remained steady. However, they have their advantages and Read More

5 Most Popular Cross-platform App Development Frameworks

5 Most Popular Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks

Android and iOS will most likely continue to dominate the world of mobile apps for the foreseeable future. App developers and businesses must, therefore, include both in their app strategy. In other words, we cannot afford to ignore any of the two platforms. And that’s perhaps the reason cross-platform apps continue to be prominent in Read More

Java vs Python: Which Programming Language Should You Learn

Java vs Python: Which Programming Language Should You Learn?

Java and Python are two of the most popular languages out there. Both are remarkably versatile and flexible. And these characteristics of the object-oriented languages secured them positions on the list of the most in-demand programming languages among employers. That means you need to take them seriously. Having said that, we need to address the Read More

Kotlin Is More Popular Than Java in Android Development

Why Kotlin Is More Popular Than Java in Android Development

Most of us are now familiar with the rapidly growing popularity of Kotlin. When compared with Java, Kotlin seems too young to dominate the world of Android app development. It has nonetheless become more prominent than Java in many ways. Kotlin app development services have lately seen soaring demands. And all these have happened within Read More