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Android Development

Google Reveals Next-Gen Android Development Tools at I/O 2021

Google recently live-streamed this year’s I/O event from the company’s Mountain View, California campus. In the 2021 edition of the annual tech extravaganza, Google announced a flurry of new tools and projects related to Android development. From a fresh look in Android 12 to Flutter’s cross-platform capabilities and a new Android Studio version, announcements were Read More

Android Platform Architecture

How the Android Platform Architecture Works

With demands for the digital-first model surging, small and large enterprises alike are rushing to build apps. Given the unique set of benefits, mobile apps often ensure a higher ROI than other digital solutions. More so for small and medium enterprises. And in markets like India, Android stands out when it comes to enterprise apps. Read More

Android or iOS

Which Platform Android or iOS is Profitable for Startups in 2021?

We had a handful of tech, retail, logistic, and other digital companies in the past to surge in new ventures at present. The startup industry is witnessing a dramatic rise. India has the 3rd largest startup ecosystem with an annual growth of 12% to 15%. There is a rising trend of new ventures making their Read More

Mobile App Development

5 Top Benefits of Using Flutter for Mobile App Development

By now, most of us have either used or built enough apps to understand their growing dominance everywhere. Analysts say the mobile app-driven digitization wave is likely to remain intense over the coming years. That means app developers like you continue to be in demand. At the same, users’ expectations will keep reaching new levels. Read More

AR and VR

How AR and VR Are Reshaping eCommerce Operations

All of us have seen the unprecedented growth of eCommerce over the past. Although online shopping was booming even before the pandemic, demands were never anywhere near the levels we saw in 2020. Analysts believe the pandemic-spurred growth has forwarded eCommerce by several years. And it’s not just the volume of shopping that changed. Online Read More

Kotlin’s Jetpack Compose

Kotlin’s Jetpack Compose for Web Preview Released

JetBrains, the creator of Kotlin, released the first technology preview of Jetpack Compose for Web. As you may already know, this comes after the company’s successful launch of Jetpack Compose for Desktop late last year. It’s likely to make Android app development even more cross-platform compatible. “While we keep actively developing Compose for Desktop toward Read More

Top Android Developer

Top Android Developer SDKs, Tools and Tips for Beginners

With new forms of the virus terrifying the world, demands for digital business tools have remained high for over a year now. Mobile apps, as you might have noticed, emerged as the go-to tool for all things digital. Whether you’re an Android developer or a business owner, you must have seen things changing rapidly. For Read More

Dart vs. Kotlin

Dart vs. Kotlin —Which One Is Best for Your App in 2021?

Global mobile app usage was growing remarkably even before the pandemic. But the unprecedented health crisis accelerated it as never before. And with an expanding use comes higher demands. That’s where the role of app development frameworks like Dart and Kotlin emerges more prominently. Whether it’s an Android app development or iOS project, choosing the Read More

Android App Development Frameworks

Top Android App Development Frameworks, SDKs, and Libraries in 2021

With new waves of the coronavirus disrupting businesses again, digital solutions continue to play crucial roles. Mobile apps emerged as one of the most crucial tools early in the pandemic. It prompted unprecedented demands for Android app development and other digital technologies. Businesses that swiftly adopted digitization last year are better prepared to deal with Read More

Augmented Reality Apps

7 Ways Augmented Reality Apps Enhance Customer Experiences

Everything digital has had unprecedented evolution over the past year. AR and VR are no exceptions. And perhaps no other area of digital technology has adopted AR as enthusiastically as mobile apps. Augmented reality mobile app development is an emerging trend across many industries now. From eCommerce to entertainment and from hospitality to healthcare, AR Read More