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Most Promising Android App Development Trends for 2021

Most Promising Android App Development Trends for 2021

Android Platforms were launched in the year 2008 and presently there are up to 3.9 million applications accessible to the general population across IOS, Android, and other working frameworks. All along, you would have seen a steady change in Android app development patterns by each spending day and presentation of new technology. To create inventive Read More

Healthcare App Development - Top Features & Challenges to Consider

Healthcare App Development – Top Features & Challenges to Consider

Digital healthcare solutions have efficiently transformed everything from hospital waiting time management to EHR optimization. However, digitalization has its own set of challenges too. Today, the healthcare industry is transforming at a rapid pace. Gone are the days when people had to wait for days or weeks to get doctor’s appointments for even daily health Read More

Everything about AR technology into Mobile App Development World

Everything about AR Technology into Mobile App Development World

Augmented Reality technology or AR technology is expanding at an exponential rate and can integrate easily in the mobile app world. This has helped in AR application development for smart devices. Most service providers are making optimum use of augmented reality technology in the app development process. Organizations are building AR devices for different enterprises, Read More

What Relevance AI Chatbot Holds in Mobile App Development Industry

What Relevance AI Chatbot Holds in Mobile App Development Industry?

Being a top Android App Development Company India we know the demand for mobile apps across all the industries has surge rapidly in the last few years. In the digital era, mobile apps have become a need for different businesses to run successfully. As businesses need mobile apps for user engagement, brand visibility & services Read More

Why choose restaurant app development in 2021 for Food Business

Why choose restaurant app development in 2021 for Food Business?

Mobile technology has completely transformed the way businesses operate. In the restaurant industry, mobile apps have its own importance and people prefer ordering food & booking tables from such apps. The market share of restaurant apps has grown significantly, growing the demand for restaurant app development to boost their presence in the competitive market. In Read More

Android 12

Everything about Android 12 Beta Final Release for Mobile App Developers

Android is the most popular mobile app development platform developed & maintained by search engine giant Google. It covers more than 70% of mobile app market share and with such a huge popularity business enterprise prefer Android App Development Company for their next app development project. Currently Android 11 is in use but Google has Read More

Android App

Strictly Avoid These 6 Legal Issues of Android App to Remain Safe

The demand and advent of mobile apps are rising rapidly. The present time appears more like an app age, with everything like shopping, booking a service, finding a location, and accessing information are all possible single-handedly. Hence, there is no denying the fact that mobile application has become part and parcel of our life. And, Read More

Transform Travel Industry with Augmented Reality Technology

How to Transform Travel Industry with Augmented Reality Technology?

Travel is gradually getting back on track across the world as vaccinations worldwide speed up. Popular travel destinations like Greece are seeing a sudden surge in the number of tourists. And that should not be surprising. The coronavirus forced travel enthusiasts to hunker down in their homes—for nearly 15 months. Now vaccinated people have the Read More

Augmented Reality

How Augmented Reality Is Redefining App User Experiences

Digital experiences are reshaping consumer expectations. And mobile app users are perhaps at the frontier when it comes to tech-enabled features and user experiences. As soon as we start talking about tech-powered UX, the immersive worlds of AR and VR come promptly into the picture. We have already discussed in a previous post how VR Read More