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Google Released Android Studio 4.0

Google Released Android Studio 4.0 – Major Upgrades to Integrate

The last two months are quite challenging for the business enterprises to survive amidst COVID-19 pandemic. Manufacturing units, business events, global economy and people lives are impacted to a great extent with this deadly disease. But good news for the App Development Company is that Google has released their much awaited Android Studio 4.0 version Read More

Features & Costing Parameters of Indoor App Development

What are the Features & Costing Parameters of Navigation App Development?

Navigation is a major factor behind a routing mobile app success as people use navigation feature to find the best possible path. With the remarkable advancement in mobile world technology and smart phones are integrated with GPS system, finding a path has become far easier for users. In modern world, where users have to travel Read More

Why Enterprises Prefer Android App Development for Business Growth?

Android app development is the most desired option for launching mobile app without any hassle. Most enterprises prefer android app development due to the multiple advantages it offers. It is easy-to-use and comes with a library of code to make the development process fast. You can hire developers to outsource the development work and focus Read More

Importance of Mobile App Analytics for Business Enterprises

What is the Importance of Mobile App Analytics for Business Enterprises?

Any enterprise having mobile app for business operation is probably well-aware of the fact that the mobile apps are a perfect way of engagement that can’t be ignored. Indeed, the industry is growing at a fast pace and there are several opportunities that entrepreneurs and marketers shouldn’t miss out on them. Brands can hire Android Read More

How different types of Health Apps helping users on daily basis

How Different Types of Health Apps Helping Users on Daily Basis?

These days, mobile apps have become a norm, including health services as well. Mobile health has completely changed the medical field and is easily accessible to people. It is helping from every perspective whether patient, physician, office staff, and executives. Health apps serve both patients and service providers 24/7 without any delay. With the support Read More

Android Studio 3.6 Released- Features to Watch Out For

Android Studio 3.6 Released – Features to Watch Out For

Recently Google Integrated Development Environment has released Android Studio 3.6 version for Android app development and it has come after so long after bug fixing and other changes. These changes are needed for better performance and an important step towards higher stability. In the blog post, we will discuss all the new things including features Read More

Healthcare Mobile App Development Best Practices You Should Follow

Healthcare Mobile App Development Best Practices You Should Follow

The healthcare industry has become dependent on digital technologies. Mobile apps are the most widely used digital solutions in the industry. By combing the power of software engineering with emerging internet technologies, health mobile app developers are reshaping healthcare services. Efficient mobile applications have not just made healthcare services tech-enabled and easily accessible. With the Read More

9 Powerful Tools for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

9 Powerful Tools for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Cross-platform mobile apps are becoming more popular with the growing diversity of mobile devices. More businesses are opting for cross-platform app development to expand their online presence. With a cross-platform mobile app, you can easily reach customers across operating systems, be it Android, iOS, or Windows. With this emerging trend of deploying cross-platform apps, Android Read More

kotlin vs java

Kotlin vs Java – What is Better for Android App Development?

Android applications virtually rule the app development market. The demands for Android app development services has spiked significantly over the past few years. This trend will grow over time. Until recently, Java was the most widely used coding language across the software development industry. That has changed now. A growing number of developers are switching Read More

Why Xamarin Is a Good Platform for Android App Development?

Why Xamarin Is a Good Platform for Android App Development?

Writing code once and implementing it on multiple platforms has always been a dream of software developers. Although this has become possible from the last few years, at the cost of maintainability, simple testing, or poor user experience. Developing mobile apps using the conventional SDK is probably a very complicated job as code needs to Read More