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Fitness Tracking App

What Technologies are used to build Fitness Tracking Apps in 2020

Staying fit & healthy has become crucial in this COVID-19 time. Even if it is not a new trend, innovative technologies have introduced smart ways to monitor or track fitness activities. Wearable devices and fitness mobile apps have brought a new wave to the health and fitness world. Though Fitbit, and Nike have the biggest Read More

Food Delivery App Can Help Your Restaurant Business

How a Food Delivery App Can Help Your Restaurant Business

The restaurant industry is one of the hardest-hit sectors by the pandemic. As markets around the world shut down and travel came to a standstill, restaurants suffered a devastating blow. While most restaurateurs had to lay off workers, some had to close forever. However, there was still one hope for many restaurants: online delivery. Online Read More

Top Technologies Used to Develop Mobile App

Top Technologies Used to Develop Mobile App

Mobile devices have been gaining popularity since their inception. Currently, only in India, smartphone devices penetration with the internet reaches 80%, 2nd highest in the world. Researches also reveal that application downloads across the world have grown to more than 50 billion since 2016 and reached a record high at 197 Billion download, across every Read More

Latest Programming Language used to build Mobile Apps in 2020

Top Programming Languages for Making Innovative Mobile Apps

The mobile app development industry has transformed dramatically over the past few years. Mobile apps are increasingly changing the way businesses operate. With more enterprises investing in mobile apps, the trend of apps-driven digitization will only grow in the coming time. The expanding app universe also prompts more intense competition for innovation. It demands the Read More

7 Things You Must Consider Before Making a Marketplace Mobile App

7 Things You Must Consider Before Making a Marketplace Mobile App

Online shopping has exploded worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even the businesses that were skeptical about digital commerce have gone online. With more and more people relying on online shopping for virtually everything, the eCommerce space has seen astronomical growth. Online marketplace mobile app development provides businesses easy access to the limitless eCommerce universe. A Read More

Google Play Console

Introducing the New Google Play Console

With over half a million monthly active users, Google’s Play Console has become quite popular among Android developers and Google seems to be enjoying this popularity. Earlier at the start of the 2nd half of 2020, Google launched its new yet beta version of Google’s new Play Console. It was extremely successful and has already Read More

Debunking Myths Around Android Performance

Debunking Myths Around Android Performance

With more than 3 billion monthly active users, Android is the most famous and most-selling Operating System around the globe. It is believed that the android’s play store consists of more than 3 billion applications as of August 2020. Even with such stats, Android has faced a fair share of negative publicity, all due to Read More

Flutter 1.22 Version

Flutter 1.22 Version is Out Now – UI Support for Android 11 Features

In the recent few weeks, Google has issued the stable release of Flutter 1.22 version, its open-source cross-platform UI (user interface) framework for developing applications on iOS and Android and the desktop and web. Flutter 1.22 version is the most recent update for the UI (user interface) framework that helps designers and developers build UIs Read More