Android Q: All That You Need To Know About The New Version


After Marshmallow, Nougat, Oreo, and Pie, the next big release of Android has already created a great deal of buzz. While users are still pondering over the name it will be given, the beta version is already up and running on selective devices. The exact release date of Android Q has not been announced yet but it is expected to be unveiled in the third quarter of 2019.

Typical of Android releases, Google has launched a developer preview of this version in March. A public beta will be available in May for Pixel, Pixel 2, or Pixel 3 devices. Meanwhile, if you are planning to avail Android app development services, you would want to know more about this version to make your app compatible with it. Here are the features that you can expect to see.

New theme
With Android Q, you will probably be able to customize your device because it offers all new theming options. The default green, blue, purple, and black may still be there for the accent color of the UI as showcased in Beta 1. At the same time, you can expect the addition of the rumored dark mode when the future beta versions are unfolded or the final release comes up.

Greater privacy control
As privacy continues to be a critical concern for the users, Google has taken a big step to fortify it with the latest version of Android. It implements some new app permissions features to give greater control to the users over what the apps on the phone can access. Apps that ask for the user’s location will have a pop-up to ask whether the user would want to grant access to location always, only during the app’s use, or not at all.

Built-in screen recording
Another much-awaited feature that Android Q is poised to bring is built-in screen recording. The feature enables the recording of a video of your device screen natively, with an option of a voice over and visual indicators for the taps on it. Though there are some improvements that will be needed in the recording feature, there is a lot of hope that it will be implemented in a user-friendly manner in the final release.

Improved share menu
The share menu of Android has been a challenge for the users because it is regularly slow to open irrespective of the device being used. Android Q addresses this concern to a considerable extent, with the share UI now being capable of loading instantly when it is launched. A new feature that this version brings is “Sharing Shortcuts”, which enables the developers to create an option for sharing files or photos from the share menu to another app.

Foldable phone support
As foldable phones are making it big in the market, Android Q is getting the platform ready for the trend. It brings features that are conducive with foldable devices and capable of creating exceptional experiences with them. These include changes in onResume, onPause, and resizable Activity. These changes assist developers to manage the display on large screens and foldable devices of diverse shapes and sizes.

System-wide dark mode
An all-system dark mode is the next offering that you can expect from the Android Q release. On being enabled, a dark theme will take over the entire look of the Settings, volume control, launcher, and more. There is still not much clarity regarding the interaction of the dark mode with the applications and users will have to wait to know more. The developer settings will have a toggle called “override force-dark”. When this toggle is turned on, a forced dark mode will override the apps without built-in dark mode.

Face-ID authentication for purchases and login
The version might bring a much-talked-about feature for users, which is currently available only for iOS users. Face ID will enable the hardware to authenticate purchases and login with the use of facial scans. With this, it will be possible to use one’s face for unlocking their phone, authorizing purchases, or signing in to apps, which definitely adds to the security capabilities of the OS.

In addition to these amazing features for the users, there is a lot that the version has for developers as well. It brings a wide range of developer tools to make apps that are better than before. All in all, this makes Android Q a goldmine of opportunities for businesses and they must bear this in mind when they hire Android app developers for developing new apps or improving the existing ones. Android Developer is a company that specializes in this domain and caters the most empowering app solutions for businesses. To get your business app future-ready, connect with us and avail our expertise.