Top Android Development Trends with AI and IOT To Lookout For in 2023

Top Android Development Trends with AI and IOT To Lookout For in 2023

Applications, today are not limited to mobile devices, but also e-readers, gadgets, and other inter-connected devices. There is a pool of available Android devices, and many more apps are expected to become smarter and tech-driven for a seamless work process.

Many QA professionals test the features using browser-independent and cross-platform software testing, which implements machine learning and artificial intelligence. With machine learning, businesses can improve their product performance, and reduce maintenance costs. Software testing can become highly efficient with AI-powered tools too.

In this blog, we have curated a list of top android app development trends that can help excel your business and boost customer engagement with impressive ROI.

Android App Development Trends

Android apps are expected to undergo constant changes, as a result of Google’s constant innovations and user experience updates. Are you planning to create or design a mobile app for your business? If yes, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of the latest Android app development trends to build a successful one.

Blockchain technology

Over the past few years, businesses have witnessed a great opportunity for blockchain, which has grabbed the attention of many enterprises. The technology is expected to take center stage in the future as more and more Android apps will use decentralized currencies. To maximize the potential of this technology, make it accessible to users and investors. Some other advantages of using blockchain technology include:

  • Reduced data corruption


  • Enhanced performance during network interruptions


  • Improved data security


  • Data transaction protection



With users demanding real-time information, many developers are keen on using location-based features to improve their user experience. The beacon market is out there since 2013 with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled devices within the range of beacons to receive signals and offer services to varied users.

Business owners who hire android app developers for their android mobile application development goals for their restaurants, hotels, and eCommerce stores should leverage this technology.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Smartphones have become a highly-flexible gateway for most valuable data. IoT app development services are growing to expedite, and by 2025, it will empower approximately 27 billion gadgets connected to the IoT. Thousands of visitors and industrial devices use chips to store and exchange data.

More and more objects are connected to the internet via embedded devices like home electronics, cars, air conditioners, and refrigerators with real-time connection is now available for everyone.


If you have used the apps like Skype and Replika, you may have experienced receiving multiple messages sent by the system on behalf of someone else. These messages are sent by chatbots. Chatbots are growing every day, and it’s here to stay for a long. Thanks to Facebook Messenger Platform 2.0 launch, where chatbots exploded and inspired businesses to create more user-friendly chatbots.

Using this integration, businesses can offer faster service to their clients and use the deep links to access specific functions in-built into the mobile app.

AI/ML technology

Out of all the software development phases, software testing has always been paramount. Artificial Intelligence enhances this functionality of test recorders. The more advanced the test recorder, the easier it gets to create superior test reports. Also, AI testing solutions can improve your test data handling process, which further enables quality data to get accessible for test cases more quickly.

Application development and testing tasks get streamlined and simplified with AI tools, which is accomplished with the help of the following features:

  • Data analysis


  • Identifying and solving the problems


  • Machine learning


Android instant apps

Developers can now convert existing apps into Android Instant apps that allow users to access content from an app without installing it. This feature saves the user’s time and frees up space on their devices. Android Instant Apps are easy to use and share. Android developers must take care of accessing unique device identifiers like IMSI, IMEI, Mac Address, and more. Also, the push notifications help them get creative with the option to be minimal in their approach.

Android Jetpack

According to the official Android developer platform, Jetpack is a suite of libraries that help developers worldwide follow best practices, reduce boilerplate code, and write codes that work across all Android devices. Some of the recent features added include View interoperability, material UI components, and tons of additional support for them to produce hi-tech, user-friendly, and scalable apps.

Android wearable devices

Android app development for wearable devices is a trend that is here to stay for a long. Developers use Android Studio to test their apps with different screen shapes and sizes. Also, they introduce the device with great features like Wi-Fi connectivity, easy navigation, wrist gestures, single button click features, and more. Above all, the developers working for sports, healthcare, and other affiliated sectors can catapult themselves to the next level by leveraging wearable app development technology.

Mobile eCommerce

Mobile eCommerce solutions are ruling the entire sector with developers ensuring their apps have multi-platform functionality with unbreakable security protocols, and end-to-end support once the app gets live. Planning the core functionality and market research is crucial to create a successful mobile eCommerce app. Another factor to consider is personalization and recommendation algorithms that can provide the best customer experience and increase conversion rates.


Every mobile app deserves compatibility with a wide range of devices, programs, and platforms. Testing maintenance can get eliminated by AI because it relies on a machine learning model. The android app development industry is also growing with other trends in addition to AI and ML in software testing. Chatbots, AI, IoT, and blockchain technology are some of the top trends to look out for.

Choose a well-renowned mobile app development company that is well-versed in these trends and assists your business with the right mobile app solutions to excel proficiently.

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What are the current trends in Android app development?

Some of the most significant Android app development trends include Artificial Intelligence, Instant apps, chatbots, and blockchain technology. Also, developers can integrate Flutter and Android Jetpack for a faster, enhanced, and more secure development process.

Can we use machine learning in Android?

You can run varied machine learning models in your Android, iOS, and Web apps. Above all, Google offers a range of solutions to use on-device ML that can unlock new opportunities for the apps to get more user-friendly and performance-centric.

Which technology is the best for Android app development?

Some of the leading mobile application development frameworks include:


  • Flutter




  • React Native




  • Ionic




  • Xamarin




  • Felgo




  • Mobile Angular UI