Android Apps And IoT: The Future Is Here

android apps and iot

The Internet of Things, popularly known as IoT is the latest gift of technology to mankind. IoT harnesses the power of the internet to bridge the gap between man and machine. It uses the internet to connect smart devices to each other as well as the users and enables them to receive, collect, and share information. When it comes to making the IoT technology functional, mobile apps are needed to run these devices in a smooth and streamlined manner. With Android being the most popular amongst mobile devices, it is the Android apps which emerge as the favorites for integration with the IoT-enabled devices. Various kinds of apps are being created for Android to leverage IoT for different purposes.

Home Automation
Home automation is undoubtedly the best thing that has happened after the adoption of this technology. Manufacturers are now capitalizing on IoT and offering smart home appliances based on it. From electrical lighting to heating/cooling systems, door alarms, dishwashers, washing machines, and more, these devices can be controlled from remote locations. All that the homeowner needs is a smart Android app on his phone and these IoT linked devices can be turned on or off from a different location. Automated homes are energy-efficient, secure, and offer a convenient lifestyle.

Enterprise Mobility
Besides transforming the way we live, Android apps and IoT have together revolutionized the way we work too. More and more businesses are adopting enterprise mobility apps coupled with IoT to manage their resources in the most effecient manner. Process automation and human resource management are the biggest benefits these apps bring. As each machine and employee is connected with the enterprise app, it becomes easier to manage them irrespective of the location. Operations such as raw material procurement, inventory control, manufacturing, and sales become streamlined. The productivity of employees is enhanced too as they can work from remote locations.

Wearable Devices
The powerful combination of IoT and Android apps is being used in wearable devices too. Wearable devices such as smart watches and fitness bands are also a part of IoT and connected to an Android app for the exchange of information. The app assimilates the real-time data and uses it for monitoring and analysis.

IoT is the next big thing, whether it is about personal lives, homes or businesses. But the right choice of platforms and devices makes all the difference in the utility of the technology. Android emerges as the winner because of the sheer number of smartphones that are familiar with this operating system.