Android Apps And IoT: The Future Is Here

Android Apps And IoT The Future Is Her

Among the different operating systems that exist in the market such as iOS, Android, and Windows, the Android operating system is the preferred by billions of users in comparison to others as it has the simplest operating system. IoT, acronym for the Internet of Things, is a process to connect various devices through the internet. IoT is the latest technological trends that has proved to be a boon to mankind. IoT usually connects everything with internet access without human assistance and intervention. It uses internet to connect smart devices and users to each other by allowing them to receive,collect and share information. When it comes to making the IoT technology functional, mobile apps are needed to run these devices in a smooth and streamlined manner.

IoT is evolving with each passing day as the concept of smart cities and smart homes are becoming more popular. The mobile devices act as interface that facilitate interaction with IoT connected devices. The smartphones can detect many other things such as device orientation, condition of electricity, light, and such other things. It has made mobile apps more accessible and mobile apps can exceed user expectations.

How IoT is becoming an emerging trend in the future?

  • Development through open source

  • Since the advent of opens-source, sharing of more software digitally has become possible. As developers have access to IoT app development services consisting of mobile app frameworks. Thus, it is easier to develop an application.

  • Incorporation of social media

  • IoT applications can be incorporated with social media channels that enables connection with people and employees on immediate basis. Communication with the customers and business partners have become possible irrespective of their location.

  • Security assistance

  • When multiple devices having different operating systems are connected via IoT, security becomes an issue. IoT aims for greater security. In such cases, businesses rely on IoT app development services to perform their tasks. Their data is safeguarded and cannot be accessed by anyone else. It is paramount to be aware of new set of security measures in order to limit any concerns caused by connected devices. IoT protects app code and data storage, thus is more effective.

  • Global access

  • IoT based on smart devices can be executed remotely from anywhere across the globe. You can control the IoT network from any faraway location. Thus, eliminating the need of location dependency.

  • Cost-efficiency

  • IoT is an effective way to improve brand identity and limit the cost of creating mobile apps. The developers can deploy this technology to unify various elements in a limited budget. IoT app development can make an app more attractive or provide space for creativity. It is cost-efficient too.

  • Reduced human intervention

  • IoT services enables interactivity between connected devices without manual assistance. And, thus app development can be performed without human efforts.

  • Increased flexibility

  • Mobile apps facilitate flexibility. In limited instances, app can be accessed offline in absence of internet connectivity. Smart phones can access mobile apps from any place at any time to manage and monitor devices connected via internet.

    Examples of real-life applications of IoT:

    1. Automation of home-based appliances

    Automation of home-based appliances is undoubtedly the best thing that has happened after the adoption of this technology. Manufacturers are now capitalizing on IoT and offering smart home appliances based on it. From electrical lighting to heating/cooling systems, door alarms, dishwashers, washing machines, and more, these devices cane be controlled from remote locations. All that a homeowner needs is a smart Android app on his phone and these IoT linked devices can be turned on or off from a different location. Automated homes are energy-efficient, secure, and offer a convenient lifestyle.

    2. Enterprise Mobility

    Besides transforming the way we live, Android apps and IoT have together revolutionized the way we work too. More and more businesses are adopting enterprise mobility apps coupled with IoT to manage their resources in the most efficient manner. The business promotions have become more efficient, as rise of IoT apps are convincing the target audience to make a purchase of a product or service easier. Process automation and human resource management are the biggest benefits these apps bring. As each machine and employee is connected with the enterprise app, it becomes easier to manage them irrespective of the location. Operations such as raw material procurement, inventory control, manufacturing, and sales become streamlined. The productivity of employees is enhanced too as they can work from remote locations.

    3. Wearable devices

    The powerful combination of IoT and Android Apps is being used in wearable devices too. Wearable devices such as smart watches and fitness brands are also a part of IoT and connected to an Android app for the exchange of information. The app assimilates the real-time data and uses it for monitoring and analysis.

    IoT is the next big thing, whether it is about personal lives, homes or businesses. But the right choice of platforms and devices make all the difference in the utiiity of the technology. Android emerges as the winner because of the sheer number of smartphones that are familiar with this operating system.

    Wrapping up

    Android is entangled n every component of the IoT. From data transfer mechanisms to device sensors, Android offers open-source options for better app designing and management. Both IoT and android operating system have a bright future in the coming years. IoT-incorporated android apps development services are crucial for businesses.

    IoT app development is substantially changing people’s lives for better. The future of IoT app development services is promising due to the explosion of smart phones. Developers across the globe are using IoT application development technology to design Android apps. As per experts, this trend will lead towards a connected world. As the IoT dilates, the advantages of Android integration with IoT devices dilates along with it.