Ultimate Guide to the Android App Development for Video Editing

Ultimate Guide to the Android App Development for Video Editing

We enjoy scrolling through excellent videos on platforms such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, etc. The quality, effects, audio, and images are all carefully calculated to present you. Due to the high demand, video editing apps are surging. And you choose from an entertainment app development platform for your convenience. So that you can offer your users a seamless experience. Let’s closely look at “Ultimate Guide to the Android App Development for Video Editing”.

An overview of video editing app development

We are familiar with how video editing apps work. From selecting images to cutting sequences, and combining them to create a single video. Furthermore, these video editing apps allow you to add effects, audio, images, etc. However, as technology advances, you can now capture higher-quality video with your smartphone. Users from all over the world can use these video editing platforms for both social and professional purposes. And it is why such apps are appealing to users worldwide. As a result, many businesses are considering investing in Android App Development for video editing app, such as Magisto.

Features to add in an entertainment app development

Here are some functionalities you can add to your entertainment app.

Users panel

Users continue to be the focal point of any business, making or breaking it. As a result, you must keep your user panel advanced and feature-rich. And to add it, you can look at the below-mentioned pointers:

Sign in

Registering or logging in is a crucial process, for users to enter your app. They use it by filling in their details like name, contact, email, etc. After getting registered, users can log in to the application and can edit the video. So when you invest in building an app with an Android app platform like Magisto, ensure to add a log-in feature to your app. Furthermore, it assures that users can easily log in to the app with the provided credentials.

Edit video

Your users should feel equipped with the essential feature. So, provide them with the functionality to add or edit videos in the user panel. Video editing apps also allow users to add images from their own.

Multiple themes

You can also add multiple themes and styles for your users to add to their videos to make them more appealing. And it allows them to customize themes as per requirements. You add this functionality with an easy-to-use application with easy functioning.

Custom audio

Video editing app without any facility to add custom audio of the user’s choice. Android app development like Magisto offers users a playlist to choose from and upload it. You can also take assistance from any entertainment app development company for more editing solutions.

Video post

Yet another feature you can add to your application for your users. And ensure that your users can directly post a video on social media after creation. Users can share the video with their friends, and they don’t require to find them in the gallery.

Admin panel

Admin panel plays an integral role in any application development. Because it allows monitoring and control of activities of the app. Therefore, here are some functions you can add to this panel:


The dashboard is the admin command center for gaining insight into any activity. It enables them to track and analyze user activity. In addition, the admin can edit, view, and grant non-admin users access via the dashboard.

User management

So, the administrator can view the user profiles and delete or update them. And can also manage any security settings with functions.

Manage coupons

Admins can manage to create and distribute coupons among users. Or you can say the admin decides which user gets how much discount. You can admit it is a great feature video editing apps should have.

Factors to consider in Android App Development for video editing app

Here are some integral you can consider while developing a video editing app.


The design remains one of the main concerns while developing entertainment apps. Therefore you need to be mindful while choosing designs for applications. As it helps you look professional and puts forth a good brand name.

Moreover, it may take cost and time, but it will pay off with profits. So, you should research and find professionals ready to work on your budget.


When developing an app, platform selection is critical. Because there are so many platforms available, such as iOS, Android, and Windows. All this has an impact on your application budget. So there are a few things to remember when choosing a platform. Magisto, an Android app development platform may be your best option. It may, however, increase or decrease depending on technology and the developer’s experience.


Features and functionalities may take additional effort. But it enhances your application and offers a seamless user experience. Decide on which, feature to calculate the overall app cost. The app development cost may increase or decrease as per your budget.

Tech stack

The technology stack you use can significantly impact the development of your video editing app. Your app’s technology is a solid foundation. Because you must choose a technology that will serve as a strong foundation for future technologies. If you want to build an app using advanced technology, you will pay a high price. Before making any investments, always choose your tech stack based on your app budget.


There are a lot of video editing apps available. But to make yours the desired one, you should add all the discussed features to your app. For more consideration, consult an entertainment app development company for your projects.


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