Android 11: What We Can Expect with Upcoming Release?

Android 11: What We Can Expect with Upcoming Release?

After launching Android 10 in 2019, Google is working on the next Android OS version which will be its 11th generation. It was very surprising from Google that Android 10 has no other official dessert item like earlier versions. However, the beta updates may come with alphabetical orders. Android 10 offers improved UI, app permission control, foldable support, privacy & security features, dark theme, and gestures, which were missing in the earlier versions. These features helped Android app development company to build engaging & secure mobile applications.

What we can expect from Android 11?

A major question that is surfacing with the release of Android 10 is the features in the next 11th generation version. There are already numerous expectations, leaks, and rumors regarding the upcoming Android version features and changes. Though no specific announcement is from Google regarding the development process or new features yet. But from insiders, it has been revealed that it will arrive as a developer preview in the 2nd quarter of 2020 and the official update will be around September 2020 for the Pixel devices. While the rest of the smartphones will start getting the update in 2021.

When will Android 11 be released?

Google is known to reveal its products, Android OS version, Pixel devices, other smart devices at Google I/O event in May. The Google I/O conference held annually at the developer conference.

Thus, the upcoming Android 11 version will be announced at that event with Pixel series devices and other smart gadgets like a smart speaker. Google every year releases the Developer Preview Beta in batches for a few months to check the stability, features, and possible bugs for Android development with every update. The final stable version will be officially released by Google at the near end of the year that is in Q4, 2020.

What are the expected features of Android 11?

As of now, scoped storage is the only major feature that we can be assured of. It was meant to be integrated into Android 10, but due to some technical issues, it has now been delayed for the next version. What scoped storage does is restricts access of the user’s files and data to any app, which improves the app processing, enhances security and improved app permission requests.

There is long waiting for some other confirmed Android 11 features, as most of the flagship devices available have not yet even updated to Android 10. As soon as all devices have Android 10, the list of the next OS version features will be confirmed.

Let’s discuss the possible features the users are expecting with the next OS version:

  • Advanced Dark Mode

A lot of renowned mobile apps have integrated Android’s all-new dark mode, including youtube, Instagram and many more. But there are numerous cases where the texts become blank as soon as the dark mode is turned on. Talking about G suite, several search recommendations become completely invisible with this Dark mode as it was not properly optimized for it. Yes on some apps it appears really amazing and gives a cleaner look to the OS but if the app cannot work properly in the dark mode, then the latest changes don’t enhance the user experience. To make it properly integrated and to boost customer engagement, brands Hire Android developers for a similar job.

  • Chat Bubble

Facebook bubble feature for messaging keeps the conversation floating ahead of the other apps making the conversations faster and simpler while exploring other apps too. This incredible feature is also now present in Google’s new message app and Hangouts app. However, Whatsapp, Instagram, and other messaging apps are missing this new feature. Hence it would be a great improvement if this chat bubble feature becomes compatible with these other messaging apps too with the release of Android 11, where most of the conversations happen.

  • NFC Apps

There was a time when data files can be shared with another device instantly by just tapping two phones together. This was possible with Android Beam, which used NFC to do it. But with the Android 10 release, we no longer have this remarkable feature with us anymore. Now multiple steps are needed to share a file with someone using Wifi, that too through another 3rd party app. So Android mobile app development are hoping that Google will come up with something innovative to make the file sharing among Android gadgets faster and easier like before.

  • Unlimited Video Recording

The upcoming Android 11 version will be a game-changer as it will remove the video recordings limitation of 4GB. Meanwhile, more and more Android gadgets will soon support the 8K video recordings that will consume the storage space quite faster in comparison to the 1080p or 4K videos. Hence, the traditional video recording limitation to 4GB may adjust the settings to a particular value. But the users should also keep in mind that their device storage should be larger.

  • ADB

ADB is a popular tool for Android developers for debugging applications. It helps in generating logs, push & pull files, sideloading APKs, and enter in a command shell. Whereas, ADB gives users control of a connected device using a PC. With the native ADB connection through TCP/IP, ADB can be used wirelessly. The wireless ADB is not useful if your device doesn’t have a Static IP address. With Android 11 Google is planning to add a ‘wireless debugging’ option that supports pairing devices over scanning QR code.

Wrapping Up:

These are some of the features that we are expecting from Google in Android 11 as a successor of the existing OS version. However, there will be additional features and improvements added. We will keep updating the blog whenever some additional information is leaked from Google.
Till then, stay tuned with Android Developer for more info.