Android 11 Beta Introduces New Features to Boost App Subscriptions

android 11 beta

Android apps in Google Play have seen steady growth in the subscription model. Most mobile app developers and owners are scaling up to meet the rising demands for subscription-based services. Keeping this trend in Android app development services, Google has announced new features in its Android 11 Beta OS. These features mainly include promotional codes to help app developers and business owners attract new subscribers while retaining the existing ones.

With the Beta version, Android is also making some major improvements to the existing operating system. Previously launched subscription-related features have been greatly successful. These include account hold, restore, and pause, among others. Now Android is changing the default setting for these features from optional to mandatory. This feature will start on November 1, 2020.

Major Changes in the Android Subscriptions Platform

Android intends to create a more evolved platform as demands for subscription-based mobile app services grow worldwide. These changes are aimed at supporting app developers and owners in creating a better user experience.

Better Targeted Promotions

Attractive deals and promotions are key to increasing the number of app users and subscribers. Starting with the 11 Beta version, Android is launching new promotional code capabilities for subscriptions. These capabilities will enable app developers to send promotions in a more targeted way. This will not just make your promotional tasks easier but will also increase the chances of conversion.

In 2019, Google launched one-time promotion codes for subscriptions. These are unique alphanumeric codes that you can distribute among app users in a targeted manner. As the next step to this feature, Google is now launching a more seamless redemption option. The new feature lets users easily redeem a code, purchase the subscription, and then install the app in Google Play.

Android 11 Beta also launches the new custom codes, also known as vanity codes. These codes can be redeemed by multiple users and can also be used for marketing to drive new subscriber acquisition. Developers can post custom codes in ads and social media campaigns to attract new potential users. App users can also redeem a custom code in the app by using it in the payment method.

Endorse the Value of Your Subscription

The long-term success of your subscription model depends heavily on how you can retain subscribers. To keep subscribers committed to your services you must give them a perceived value of the subscription. Now Android has launched a module that enables us to effectively communicate with subscribers about the value of your services. Now app owners can add a list of up to 4 key benefits of your subscription, featured in the Google Play Console.

Bring Back Subscribers Who Left

Android has now made it easier for churned subscribers to resume their subscriptions. App users can now easily re-subscribe to recently expired subscriptions. Users can do it directly from the Google Play subscription center. Android app developers can enable the SKUs for re-subscription in the Google Play console. However, this capability will only be available who are using the Billing Library version 2 or above.

Reduced Subscription Price Without Opt-ins

App owners and developers have been talking about this for a while. Earlier opt-in to subscription price decreases was significantly restrictive. Based on numerous feedback’s from developers, Android has changed this feature. Now price decrease will not require users to opt in to continue their subscription. If any the subscription price decreases, the user will be notified, and they would be able to see the price change in the subscription center.

Improve the app’s retention settings

Android has been continuously updating its platform to reduce both voluntary and involuntary churn in app subscriptions. Account hold, for instance, has helped developers to achieve an 8% lower involuntary churn 35% higher payment decline recovery. In addition to these already effective features, Android has now announced several mandatory features that until now were optional. These features will be effective starting on November 1, 2020. Here’s a list of the major updated features.

  • Mandatory account hold and restoration for all developers.
  • Turned off pause and re-subscribe options by default.
  • Capability to recognize when a user loses access to the subscription ad when they gain it back.
  • Friction less management of app purchases using Billing Library 2.0+.


All these features are designed to dramatically increase the number of subscribers to your app’s services. If used strategically, these updates have the potential to not just boos subscriptions but also better engage existing app users. We strongly recommend you upgrade and test each new feature before November 1, 2020. If you need any technical guidance for this, reach out to us. At Android Developer India, a leading Android app development company, we always keep our clients up to date with all the new features and functionalities. Follow our blogs to keep yourself abreast of all things Android.


Q. What is a mobile app subscription model?
Auto-renewable mobile app subscriptions can offer in-app purchases that provide users with a wide range of services. As with subscription-based services, app developers focus on retaining users by providing app updates and features that continually improve the app experience.

Q. What does it mean to subscribe to an app?
When you subscribe to app-based services, you pay a monthly fee for access to your app. In exchange, subscription apps must work to retain their customers by continuing to offer new and incentivizing features. The popularity of subscription-based app services is growing steadily.

Q. How much does it cost to build an Android app?
The development cost for an Android mobile app depends on what kind of app you need. Costs are lower for an app with a basic design and simpler features. If you need a high-performance app with more advanced features, the cost will be comparatively higher. Android Developer India offers competitive pricing for every kind of app.