How Andoid-N Is Set To Render A Great User Experience?

Android-N will be releasing shortly within a month’s time and its future release is building great expectations already. With 250 new features, the latest Android version is set to render the end-user with speed, productivity, and an enjoyable user-interface. Let us how the new features make it all happen:

Enjoy A Beautiful & Customizable UI
With 72 new emojis, keyboard themes in different colours and styles, better gaming quality with the Vulkan API, more functional notifications, and adjustable size of various UI components, Android-N is set to offer a beautiful interface that can also be customized to a certain extent.

Become More Productive
With Android-N, you can download apps faster, have multiple apps function in a split-screen mode, respond text messages from the notification bar itself, and even find a recently used app easily by having only seven recently used apps open. These features undoubtedly will render a fast-paced user-experience and make a user more productive. However, the most amazing feature that will save a lot of your time is that of Instant Apps. The feature will allow you to access the most useful aspect of an app, without you having to download it, saving you mobile memory and time both.

Experience Virtual Reality
A virtual reality mode can be activated on Android-N and, with Google’s foray into making VR versions of Youtube, Google Play Store, Google Photos, and Play Movie, we can expect Android-N to offer wonderful experiences of virtual reality. However, the feature will be supported by only a few selected phones with special screens and sensors.

Thus, the features of Android-N are set to create a great user-experience by offering a beautiful and customizable UI, speed, productivity, and a VR ecosystem.