How AI Is Revolutionizing Mobile App Development

AI Is Revolutionizing Mobile App Development

Mobility has changed every aspect of human existence today, with people relying on mobile apps for shopping, banking, entertainment, maintaining health and fitness, and more. As the number of mobile apps grows at a rapid pace, the competition on the App Store is becoming tougher than ever. The secret to standing apart lies in offering something extra in your mobility solution. Artificial Intelligence is a technology that is being widely used to enhance the mobile apps and make them different from the rest.

AI is a multi-faceted technology with a wide array of components, ranging from machine learning to advanced algorithms, deep learning, and natural language processing. Its impact on mobile apps is equally ground-breaking; while it can help developers build innovative apps, it can also be useful for enhancing user interaction in the existing ones. Let us try to understand the was that AI is revolutionizing mobile app development today.

AI and e-commerce
With personalization becoming the lifeline of e-commerce businesses, merchants look for ways to deliver tailor-made shopping experiences to each of its customers. This is making AI an integral part of shopping app development as the technology provides the basis of personal and predictive experiences. For instance, it is being used to enhance apps with voice recognition feature. Such smart apps are capable of recognizing the user’s voice and taking an action (such as carrying out product search) accordingly. Similarly, AI-powered chatbots provide a conversational interface for the app users so that they can ask questions and get assistance on specific queries. Also, apps can use machine learning and advanced algorithms to study patterns in consumer behavior and shopping preferences.

AI and Home Automation
Besides highlighting e-commerce apps, AI is also making lives easier at home by becoming an integral element of automated devices. Home automation is becoming a booming trend today as buyers are more than keen on buying devices that make life more comfortable and enjoyable. A majority of gadget companies are catching the market pulse and investing in this technology as they avail iPhone and Android app development services. Combined with such gadgets, these AI-powered apps play a key role in capturing a hefty market share for them. The emergence of AI-based smart platforms such as Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, is serving as a shot in the arm for the mobile apps that want to explore the potential of this technology.

AI and Businesses
Artificial Intelligence brings an unmatched potential for businesses from all domains. As consumer demands become multidimensional, businesses need to serve personalization to keep pace and this is something that only AI can help them with. From enhancing e-commerce shopping experiences to smartening up business processes such as manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics, and more, the benefits that AI apps can deliver are endless. In this way, they make businesses smarter in all aspects, whenever it is selling or operations.

Since the benefits that integration of AI technology can fetch for mobile apps are so extensive, it is not surprising that most businesses want to invest in such apps. These apps are bound to proliferate into the market and help the businesses to prosper. The best way to use them to your advantage is to join hands with an expert application development partner. Android Developer is a renowned service provider that provides advanced mobile applications based on the latest trends and technologies. Connect with us to hire android app developers with the right skill set and experience for creating a powerful AI-based mobile app for your business.