A Short Guide on Fitness App Development: Be a Part of Profitable Health Industry

A Short Guide on Fitness App Development Be a Part of Profitable Health Industry

Our life has truly turned upside down with the unexpected arrival of pandemics and uncertainty prevails all around. It’s been more than 2 years that all of us have accustomed to the situation. Fitness App Development has helped a lot during this pandemic.

To help people come out of the shackles of depression and fear, technology helped everyone out to stay livid, get in touch with everyone around, continue working, shopping, and more.

One of the best facets of technology that has never been witnessed like that before is adopting a healthy and fit lifestyle. It is all because of the extensive range of fitness apps that most of the people continue their healthy regime of workout, following apt nutrition, tracking their body vitals, and more.

If you want to be part of the million-dollar industry of digital fitness, then this guide is for you to understand everything about fitness app development & likes. Over here, we will share some imperative details regarding the growing and profit-generating fitness and healthcare apps based on the following key points.

* Exhilarating Growth Fitness App Marketplace
* Strategy to Create a Result-Oriented Fitness App
* Different Types of Fitness Mobile Apps

Before you make your presence felt at the fitness app marketplace, it is imperative to know the current market stature.

Exhilarating Growth Fitness App Marketplace

Especially after the arrival of Covid-19 that left with no choice but to temporary shut down gyms, fitness centres, yoga classes, health clubs, and others. People had no choice but to resort to feature-rich, mobile-friendly, and easy to access fitness apps.

Based on such impressive demand that started at the early arrival of Covid-19 and continues till yet, describes the ever-growing fitness app marketplace.

* There is more than a 40% surge in the downloading of fitness level apps since 2020.
* As per the recent survey, an average weekly spent on workout apps come around $113 million globally.
* As per the Statista survey, the number of fitness apps will see an exciting surge of 86.3 million by the end of 2022.

From the above-market figures, it is clear to say the fact that thinking of investing in fitness or healthcare mobile app development will definitely be a profitable affair. Especially, when the world is again engulfed in the shackles of the new Omicron variant and nations started imposing curfews and movement restrictions.

So, you have an opportunity to create a fitness level application and take care of people’s health in a hassle-free manner.

Strategy to Create a Result-Oriented Fitness App

It is imperative to work on the strategy first before deciding the type of fitness app to build for your target audience.

The strategy should be according to your business objective like whether to create a free exercise regime application with limited content. Or, you can develop a subscription-based fitness application that could be similar like to Netflix application.

No matter what, you first have to evaluate, identify, set your goals, decide on the content, pick a platform, and then create a profitable application.

Thus, to help you with the fitness and healthcare app development strategy, we have a few pointers for you.

* First Evaluate What you Have: First thing first is the evaluation of the current assets you have in terms of developing a fitness app. Do you have the required manpower to create an app? Do you have the necessary tools & technologies access to create a feature-rich application? And, most importantly, have come across any of the pioneering fitness app development company and shared your requirements? So, first, work on these set of pointers and then move on to the next step.
* Set your Application Goals: While discussing your idea with the app development partner, you should be clear about your business objective. What would you like to achieve from an application meant for fitness and healthcare? Is that for the purpose of generating revenue? Will it be a service-based or subscription-based model app? What sort of features do you like to include in the app?
* Decide the Type of Content: Based on your goals and the assistance of app developers, decide what sort of fitness-related content to include in the app. Will be text-oriented content, videos, or audio coaching lessons should be there in the app? Would you prefer live workout sessions conducted by industry-level fitness experts? Do you want to include pre-recorded fitness sessions in the app for users to watch at any point in time?

Different Types of Fitness Mobile App

Another key area of concern to fulfil your requirement of developing a fitness mobile app is to choose the best type. Such apps are divided into several types just for the purpose of referring to different exercises, nutrition plans, gaining knowledge on fitness, socializing, tracking activities, and more.

So, it is imperative to decide which type of fitness app suits your requirements. To make an ideal decision, it is better to look at the following categories of the app.

* Activity Tracking Apps
* Exercise and Workout Apps
* Diet and Nutrition Apps

Let’s look at each type of application in a broader sense.

1. Activity Tracking Apps

This category of fitness application mainly tracks the activity level of people based on their physical activity goals. It helps collect the user’s activities in terms of number of steps in a day, running speed, hours slept, steps climbed, calories burned, and more.

Fitness and activity tracking applications feature calendars and charts that help users create their own set of schedules. It also provides notifications and reminders to remain active, take a step, or start performing some sort of physical activity to stay energetic and healthy.

2. Exercise and Workout Apps

The most important fitness app out of all the categories is the workout regime application. As the name implies, such apps allow users to participate in the live or pre-recorded exercise session and continue the regime to remain fit and active. It further helps users to plan their own customized exercise plan based on their body vitals, fitness goals, and body condition. Simply by entering a personal set of physical details, one can find a strategic exercise plan and follow the same by referring to workout content available on the same app itself.

3. Diet and Nutrition Apps

As per the Statista survey, more than 26% of the users aged between 18-28 years frequently use nutrition and diet plan applications to follow a particular meal regime. Additionally, 23% of the fitness enthusiastic users access such apps occasionally to keep track of their eating habits.

An intense and even lightweight workout has no value and proper nutrition and diet plan is not followed. Not many people can hire the service of personal nutrition. So, a specialized diet and nutrition application can help users to create a personalized meal plan, count the number of calories, calculate the micronutrients of food products, take note of the eating habits, check the water intake, and much more.


Developing a fitness app has become a growing trend and increased revenue marketplace for enterprises to promote health and fitness. With the increasing surge in a healthy lifestyle, a majority of people switch to fitness apps to follow a particular workout and diet plan. So, be a part of this growth-oriented marketplace of digital fitness and healthcare. Simply hire Android app developers to create a feature-rich application for the most used OS at the marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Key Features to Incorporate in Fitness App?

There are a plethora of features to add to your fitness and healthcare application, out of which few ones are as follows:

* Seamless onboarding of users
* Profile creation
* Goal setting
* Synchronization with wearable devices
* Workout regime
* Activity tracking
* Workout customization
* Diet plan
* Calorie calculator
* Push notifications & reminders
* Customer support
* Recommendations
* Payment method

2. How to Make Money from a Fitness App Development?

There are several ways of making money out of your fitness mobile app like adding a paid subscription model, letting it be a paid app, in-app purchases, advertisements, and more.

3. How Much Time Does it Take to Develop a Fitness App?

It all depends on the enterprise’s objective based on which a strategic timeline is decided to create a full-fledged fitness app. So, you need to first consult with a pioneering fitness app developer, share your requirements, and then decide a timeline.