6 Essential Features That A Futuristic Fitness App Must Have

6 Essential Features That A Futuristic Fitness App Must Have

As more and more people today are becoming health-conscious, the popularity of fitness and lifestyle applications is on the prime. Truly, these smart apps have elevated the standards of fitness as users now have access to the best diet and exercise plans right at their fingertips. Tracking their fitness has become easier than ever as the users can use them to gather the smallest details such as the number of calories consumed and burnt, stairs climbed, distance covered, and even the number of steps walked.

As lifestyle and fitness app development is in raging demand, developers have to look to cater something new in the ones they create. There are numerous fitness apps on the App Store today and users are literally spoilt for choice. The idea is to think beyond the ordinary by enriching them with some amazing features that compel the users to download them. Here are some innovative ones that can be integrated into these smart apps to take them a notch higher:

Personalized User Experiences
Since fitness metrics vary from person to person, there is a need to provide personalized user experiences through these apps. The app should initiate by gathering personal stats such as the age, gender, weight, and height of the user. This enables it to calculate the metrics with accuracy.

Push Notifications
Fitness and lifestyle app development requires extensive know-how as the users expect them to deliver personalized reminders in the form of push notifications. Like e-commerce apps, push notifications are essential for these apps as they drive the fitness freaks to get going and burn some calories or eat a healthy snack at a particular time during the day.

Social Sharing
Another feature that can elevate the app experience is that of social sharing. This feature allows the users to exchange tips and share their personal achievements with the fellow users. Moreover, this is a factor that motivates them to achieve new goals and work even more diligently.

The geolocation feature can be another big plus for these applications. Not only can it be used to send relevant location-based notifications to the users, but also enable them to track their workouts, walking routes, and current position. This feature is particularly useful for outdoor enthusiasts.

Forums and Support Groups
Forums and support groups make a great way to be in touch with fellow users. Here, they can get connected and have chats on topics of similar interests. Similarly, the application may be enhanced with expert online consultation feature so that the users can seek expert advice on their fitness queries and challenges.

Goals and Tracker
An app that features goals for the user has a winning advantage as it motivates them to aim for the better. These goals may be diverse, such as those related to calorie restriction, weight loss, distance covered, height climbed, etc, depending on the user’s fitness plan. The tracking feature enables a comparison between the actual performance and goals to gauge the effectiveness of the plan.

The fitness app scenario is a crowded one and the best way to succeed is to be different. Having these features can take your app a long way but you would need an expert application development partner to ensure that it is done well. At Android Developer, we bring top-notch Android app development services to your doorstep. We have an excellent track record of having created versatile solutions for a cross-industry clientage. Get in touch with us to hire Android app developers for creating an outstanding fitness application.