4 Best Weather Forecast APIs for Development of Weather Apps

4 Best Weather Forecast APIs for Development of Weather Apps

A weather app is something that you would find on almost every smartphone. There are plenty of weather apps specifically built for the Android. These apps are used to get regular updates on local as well outstation weather conditions in real-time. A weather forecast API is a pre-requisite for developing weather apps for Android as it provides reliable and accurate weather-related information needed for running them. While selecting an API for weather apps, it is essential to know about the service features it offers and also verify if these are appropriate for all that is expected from the app.

Here are some of the best weather forecast APIs that can be used for android app development:

A free weather API, OpenWeatherMap offers a wide array of useful weather-related information including current weather, historical weather, forecast, wind, clouds, weather station data, and more. The API, which is inspired by the ideology of OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia, offers free weather data for as many as 200,000 cities across the globe. It enables two modes to search for a city, namely the name pattern and the geo-coordinates. It uses JSON/XML formats to provide weather data for your app.

AccuWeather API is a paid weather API which is well-acclaimed for providing reliable weather information and forecasting. In addition to providing accurate information related to current weather conditions, it also gives hourly and daily forecasts as well as alerts for abnormal weather conditions in as many as 40 languages and dialects. The API covers almost 3 million locations across the world and has more than a billion users relying on it. It employs JSON and JSONP APIs for data exchange and also makes SSL encryption available for secure communication.

Yahoo! Weather
Another weather API which is widely used by developers for framing reliable weather apps is Yahoo! Weather. Free (for non-commercial use) and simple to use, it is powered by Weather Channel and offers basic information such as current temperatures, current conditions, and weather forecast. With this API, the developer gets the option to choose between JSON or XML for this API.

Weather Underground
Weather Underground API is another paid weather provider acclaimed for the diverse information it offers. In addition to returning information for conventional parameters such as current weather conditions and forecast, it provides historical data, astronomy data, weather alerts, and hurricane alerts. It even gives radar images which can be seen on smartphones. The API searches cities on the basis of name patterns and geo-locations and makes use of XML and JSON data formats.

In addition to these, there are numerous other weather APIs which are being used by developers for creating weather apps for Androids. At www.androiddeveloper.co.in, we build high-tech Android apps for diverse needs. Get in touch with us to hire android app developers who can create a weather app that is just right for you.