10 Features To Ensure Success For Your Fitness App Development Initiative

Fitness App Development

As mobile apps become a part and parcel of everyday life, almost every business needs to invest in one for being connected with consumers. From shopping online to checking the weather, accessing healthcare services, and even maintaining the temperatures of homes and offices, there is an app for almost every activity. With consumers expecting fitness services to be on the fingertips, fitness app development has emerged as a raging trend. Fitness apps could range from activity trackers to meditation apps, diet and nutrition trackers, and virtual personal trainers, depending on the services you offer. If you are into this domain and do not have an app for your target audience yet, better do it sooner rather than later.

However, not just having an app will get you there as you need to ensure that you have something exceptional for your audience. The idea is to have one that offers a range of features which drive great experiences for fitness enthusiasts. Moreover, you should choose a platform that caters to a majority of your target audience. For instance, a fitness app for Android will be the right choice if a majority of your customers use Android devices. Once you have the right direction, the next feasible step would be to hire a professional developer or team and get on with the project. Here are a few app features that you should demand your app to ensure its success.

Easy signup and registration
To start with, you need to have a short and simple registration process for the users who want to sign up for your app. This is to be done by limiting the number of fields to be filled to a minimum. You can go an extra mile by enabling them to create an account using their social media accounts. The app sends a verification code (OTP) to the mobile number shared by the user and they get registered.

User profiles
Another must-have feature for any fitness app is the user profile, which includes the personal data of the user, including their like age, weight, height, and more. The profile can be strengthened by having the users enter every small information that may have an impact on their fitness stats. Furthermore, it should be flexible enough to leave room for the inclusion of more parameters in the future.

Record tracking
Whether you are creating a diet app or workout app, recording the user’s activity and schedule is essential. Tracking is to be done at a granular level, from the number of calories consumed to the number of calories burnt, time spent on exercise, the number of steps walked, and more, all in real-time. So record tracking is functionality that your app cannot miss.

Video tutorials
Making your fitness app interactive becomes easier by adding the video tutorial feature in it. The integration of live videos can enable them to attend workout sessions in real-time and get effective results even without being in direct contact with the trainers. It also gives them confidence that they are doing the right exercises under expert supervision.

Push notifications
Another feature that can truly make your fitness app stand apart is reminder push notifications. These can be used as constant reminders for the users, notifying them about their exercise timings and fitness targets, giving motivational quotes for inspiring them to work harder and rewarding them every time they are able to achieve a target.

You can make your fitness app innovative by empowering it with geolocation functionality. This feature enables users to track their routes and monitor directions while walking, jogging, or cycling. The feature allows them to know their current location as well. They can also search for gyms and fitness centers in close vicinity using geolocation.

Social media integration
Since fitness enthusiasts are often keen to share their achievements with others, social media integration is a key feature that your app must possess. Beyond just keeping the users engaged, it also drives the app’s popularity by encouraging them to propagate it and get more downloads through social sharing.

Wearable compatibility
Wearable devices are becoming the mainstay of fitness services as users want real-time stats such as pulse, blood pressure, kilometers run, weight and calories burnt, to be tracked and recorded with these devices. Wearable compatibility, therefore, can be an amazing add-on for your fitness app as it ensures a better experience and competitive advantage.

In-app purchases
If you are planning to sell products such as health supplements and fitness equipment through your app, the in-app purchase feature is mandatory. Ensure the availability of popular and secure payment options along with a seamless checkout process to help users shop with confidence and convenience.

A useful add-on feature that you can integrate into your fitness app is gamification, which gets the users motivated to perform better and stay with the app. Think of out-of-the-box ideas that inspire people to focus on their targets and compete with others. The overall objective is to make the app more enjoyable for the users as well as push them for more effective results.

So this is the typical set of features that need to be bundled up into a fitness mobile app to make it a success. Having them implemented means that your app will deliver optimal user experience, complete with all the functionalities that they would look for. When you hire iOS or Android app developer India or abroad, communicate these requirements to them and ensure the development of a full-featured app for your fitness business. Android Developer is a renowned Android app development company that you can trust for building the best app for your needs.