How to develop Kotlin App

How to develop your first Android application using Kotlin

Many industries are interested in developing their presence through an app. They know well that businesses can be presented to a large number of potential customers through apps. Because it serves as a face for brands that are looking to grow. When it comes to Android app development, getting perplexed is no big deal, there are Read More

React Native vs Flutter

Flutter vs. React Native: Which Cross-Platform Is Better ?

If you ask developers or entrepreneurs to choose from the native or cross-platform framework. Do you know what they would choose? Cross-platform. Why? Apart from all the benefits, it saves their money and time. When we talk about cross-platforms, Flutter vs. React Native, is part of the discussion. Because these two are leading the market Read More

Hire Android App Developer

Complete Guide to Hire Android Developer for Your Startup In 2023

With advancements in the mobile industry, the mobile market is surging. We can see how the Android and iPhone user bases are growing daily. However, Android is not as straightforward as it appears. However, you cannot be fluent in every language. So you can hire Android developer for assistance. Furthermore, when hiring developers, keep the Read More

Potent Language for android app development

Most Potent Languages for Android App Development in 2023

Kotlin , Java ,C, C++, Python, are most popular app development languages that ranked among the India top 5 most successful languages in 2023.Today, most of the businesses are turning to mobile applications to expand their infrastructure and serve a larger client base. With a market share of more than 86% in application development, Android Read More

Ultimate Guide to the Android App Development for Video Editing

Ultimate Guide to the Android App Development for Video Editing

We enjoy scrolling through excellent videos on platforms such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, etc. The quality, effects, audio, and images are all carefully calculated to present you. Due to the high demand, video editing apps are surging. And you choose from an entertainment app development platform for your convenience. So that you can offer Read More

Top 6 Android App Development Frameworks To Watch In 2020

Top Android App Development Frameworks To Watch In 2023

The past few years have witnessed a major paradigm shift in the mobile application development industry. More and more businesses are emphasizing building a mobile app along with their websites. One reason for this is that customers today use their Android mobile apps for performing a wide range of tasks. Under such circumstances, businesses can Read More

Technologies That Will Drive Mobile Banking Apps Of The Future

Technologies That Will Drive Mobile Banking Apps Of The Future

The Pandemic has had a wide-ranging impact on all sectors. Even industries have been hit hard by numerous challenges. Fintech is no exception when it is to embracing new technologies to create more user-friendly applications. The industry is rapidly evolving and adopting cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). Read More

How to build a shopping app for your online store

How to build a shopping app for your online store?

More than half of the global population is using smartphones in today’s time. Hence, simply launching a website to sell merchandise is not enough. 80% of smartphone owners have made a purchase using their mobile devices. Also, smartphones are less expensive and more accessible, particularly in developing parts across the globe. Post Covid-19 pandemic, mobile Read More