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Here at Android Developer, we help you build fully customized, interactive and engaging Android mobile apps to reach a wide spectrum of customers. With over 20+ years in the industry and assist you as a reliable Android app developer, we help you build result-oriented solutions to make a rapid change in your business.

Approximately 2.7 million Android mobile apps have dominated the digital space. And you have the chance to extend your business reach with the help of Android app development services from a trusted partner like us.

In terms of Android app development, our expert team of Android app developers helps you create fully customized applications for smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other sorts of devices. Simply share your requirements with us to avail of a profitable solution efficiently & cost-effectively.

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Awesome Features

Cost-Effective Development

We are recognized for offering outstanding services that are cost-effective too. Being an authentic service provider, we are committed to delivering quality solutions in the budget.

On-priority Customer Support And Communcation

We stay in constant touch with our customers so that we can understand their requirements and provide support whenever they need it. We employ a phenomenal system of customer support and communication

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Well-Secured Source Code

The clients are asked to sign an agreement of confidentiality for fulling the purpose of source code security. This empowers us to run our business with confidence and enthusiasm.

Proficient Android Developers

As a leading Android development company, we make sure you receive the best development services from the hands of real-time experts. Concerning the same, we provide you with end-to-end support from well-trained & skilled developers to meet your project specifications.

Our magnitude of android app development solutions are time-tested to help you reap more business benefits.

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Our Services

Android UI/UX Development

Native Android App Development

Hybrid App Development

Android OS Customization

App Porting/Redesign

App Test Automation

Support, Maintenance & Optimization

Android fused location service

Android Marshmallow 6.0 Permissions

Latest Technologies

We Go Beyond The Ordinary As We Embrace Innovative Technologies For Android App Development

  • M-Commerce

    M-Commerce is the new e-commerce, with mobiles becoming the biggest online selling channel. We create amazing m-commesffrce applications for Android to enable your business to avail the competitive advantage with a wider reach to market.

  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    The innovative enterprise mobility solutions bundle up the benefits of operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability for businesses. We build powerful enterprise apps that establish seamless connectivity between the employees, partners, and customers.

  • Wearable Technology

    The wearable technology has proliferated various industry verticals such as healthcare, sports, enterprises, and more. At Android Developer, we create advanced custom Android applications to power up high-tech wearable

  • Geo-Location

    We create amazing location-based Android apps by harnessing the power of the latest technologies such as beacons, geo-location, and geo-fencing. From navigation to m-commesffrce marketing strategies such as location-based offers and notifications, these apps have a lot to offer.

  • Mobile Payment Technology

    Mobile has become the latest tool for making secure online transactions. Our expert Android developers specialize in creating secure applications for making mobile payments and transferring funds. We ensure that users can process payments in a hassle-free manner.

  • AR/VR

    Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the technologies that are making a breakthrough into the mobile app space. These technologies have gone beyond entertainment apps. We have capitalized on AR and VR to create exceptional apps for e-commerce, retail, healthcare, and education sectors.

  • IoT

    The Internet of Things is perhaps the biggest tech innovation of the present times and we are making the best use of this technology. Our expert developers excel at creating IoT-based Android applications such as automation solutions for homes and industries.

  • Video Streaming

    Live video streaming from mobile has expanded its horizons as it has proliferated into the business space. We create end-to-end video streaming Android solutions for the audience and the corporate clients. We optimize the apps for device cameras and microphones to facilitate real-time live streaming.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Our skilled developers have expertise in the latest technology of Artificial Intelligence too. We leverage the technology to add chatbots and smart messaging in the Android apps. These apps deliver a personalized user experience to capture user attention.

  • Cloud-Driven Apps

    The Cloud technology has transformed the way we live and it has changed mobile apps too. We create powerful Android apps that fetch data directly from the Cloud rather than cluttering the internal memory of your


Multi Capability

Businesses experience the need for transformation from desktops to these handheld devices in the modern era of Android-based smartphones. The emerging business needs demand the development of robust business applications compatible with these smartphones.

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Our Works

With a fair understanding of modern day's requirements of individuals, we have been been successful in providing our clients with the desired solutions and receiving applause in return.We believe that though satisfaction is a small word yet it helps businesses establish and eventually powers enterprises to accomplish their ultimate goals.The following are the key projects of our App and Mobile in Android Development & Developer Services we have delivered with success.

Vets Field
Online Veterinery Clinic


Education App (Educellence)
Student Performance Assessment Tool


JP Compressor
Smaller Faster & More Efficent, Making it Easy


China Southern Airlines
Booking Management


Flash Light Tourch
The Brightest Torch Ever In Mobile


Gyanshree School
The Best School In Noida


Flash Notification
Enhance Your Phone Functionality


BAT Tech
The IT Support And Repairs


Blaze Bay
The Virtual Marketplace


Coach Revolution
Make Life Better


Online Designer Shop


A Passion To Help


M Teacher
Search Your Locality Teacher


Get end-to-end android app development solutions to empower your industry verticals.

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Our Android App Development Process

We follow the right business approach to achieve our short-term goals. Here, we believe that these small achievements motivate us to make it to our ultimate goal eventually.



We first meet our respective clients to best understand their project requirements and the objective that needs to be achieved. Here, we make sure we fulfill every single need of our client while developing a robust & intuitive application for targetted users.


After identifying the Android application development requirements of our clients, we start planning and devising strategies to build a successful project. Our strategic app development plan will go on smoothly while meeting all the needs.



Our creative team of experts including UI/UX designers will start creating the wire frame of the application and that too based on client requirements. In this particular stage, we make sure to include engaging and interactive design elements in the app.


Once we are done with the initial level of Android app designing, there starts the work of our expert team of developers. By using state-of-the-art tools, techniques, and frameworks, app developers create fast & scalable applications to enhance business reach.



Without end-to-end mobile app testing, it's not at all feasible to initiate the launch. Concerning the same, we have a specialized team of QA engineers who perform deep testing of the application to make every single error & bug is completely eliminated.


Finally, there comes the time of the Android app launch and the same is ready to come in front of your targeted set of customers. At this particular stage, we make sure to monitor the speed, performance, functionality, and operational efficiency of the application.

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