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Shopping App

Android Developer is THE company to contact when it comes to Shopping App Development. We are the experts in utilising the Android platform to attain maximum benefit for your company. more »

Lifestyle and Fitness App

The people are getting more conscious about their lifestyle and like to keep a track of their daily activities. They aspire to stay fit and follow a trendy lifestyle.more »

Navigation App

Navigation apps are important for day to day commute and can provide a rich info that helps with your travelling plan. It can convey you the best routes to take while avoiding the traffic jams. more »

Banking Apps

Banking is one such sector with which we interact on day-to-day basis. In the modern times, the way of interacting with your bank and proceeding with the transactions has completely changed. more »

Healthcare app

We at AndroidDeveloper, are the pioneers in developing an Android Healthcare app that will boost your business and allow the customers to communicate with you easily. more »

Further, we provide Technical solutions that are in trend these days. Our research and development is focused on the precise apps. We investigate minute points of interest of the application before it reaches the clients. We consider and provide the best for each and every aspect of the features in the apps that gives the client an aide and a flawless companion in a simple click. Fused Location Based Solutions offer the threshold competitive advantage by extending your business reach.

A couple of the technical solutions we provide to make you stay advanced in the apps field are:

Android fused location service

We, the Android developer experts provide Android fused location Solutions and help you to increase your revenue by giving an app that can do awesome things accurately for the users. more »

Android Marshmallow 6.0 Permissions

Today Apps are the main reason for smartphone usage and Android has gained an appreciable level of business sector infiltration. more »

Hire Android Developers

Android apps have a market share value of more than 60% with people getting added further on to the list daily. more »

Mobile Application Redesign Services

Mobile Application has dominated the e-commerce and enterprise world alike vowing to its user-friendly features. more »

Mobile Application Maintenance Services

The smartphones usage are growing at an exponential rate as the next generation users get adopted to the new technologies and find benefit from mobile commerce, mobile banking, mobile enterprises, and, etc. more »

Android Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Technology Solutions

Android has built-in platform support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and provides APIs which can be used by the applications to discover devices, query about services, read or write the characteristics. more »

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